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About Cranroe Place

Cranroe Place is the name given to the duplex located at the corner of Monroe Street and Crandall Street in Madison, WI.


Crandall Street was originally named Randall after Randall Gay. Mr. Gay platted that section of the city.  Before the plat was recorded, the nearby Warren Street’s name was changed to Randall Avenue. To avoid confusion, Mr. Gay prefixed a “C” to his street name resulting in Crandall Street.


Monroe Street, formerly the Monroe Road, was an improved path leading to the City of Monroe named for the U. S. President from 1817 to 1825, James Monroe.  The Monroe Road connected with similar paths to the lead mining regions of southwestern Wisconsin.  These paths were gradually improved into stagecoach routes, then highways.


Cranroe is also the name of a town located in the northeast of the region in County Kilkenny, Ireland. The choice in naming this duplex is fitting in that one of the owners is of Irish ancestry.  Cranroe in Ireland is located on bicycle routes connecting to Fennagh and Ballygorteen.  Likewise Cranroe Place duplex provides close access to bike routes through Madison that connect to the Capitol City Trail, the Southwest Bike Path, the Military Ridge State Trail, the Ice Age Trail and the Badger State Trail.


Walking a couple of blocks from the duplex is Lake Wingra.  The origin of the lake name is Winnebago for “duck”. Although many ducks call this lake home, there are a lot of activities offered at Wingra Park on the lake: canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming.  


Explore our website to see if Cranroe Place may be the next rental you are looking to call “Home”.         

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